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If you're travelling smart today

then show off your heroic deed!

Commuting in Zuid-Limburg can be smarter, safer and more sustainable. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar helps making your trip healthier, cheaper and more green.

‘Heroes on the road’ campaign temporarily suspended


Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Journeys from A to B can often be made in a smarter, safer, or more sustainable way. South Limburg needs many heroes on the road: that's why we started a campaign on 5 March to reward sustainable travel behaviour. However, the current situation around the coronavirus has led us to decide to suspend the campaign.


Many people are working from home and most people who do have to go to work are preoccupied with other matters. And ... the heroes of this week are the people who work in healthcare and other vital sectors.


But one of these days is not none of these days

In light of the current situation, we are temporarily suspending our campaign. However, for as far as we can assess the situation, this won't lead to complete cancellation and we will resume the campaign at a later date.

Take advantage of our offers and campaigns

Cycle to your work or to the shop, or travel by public transport. While it may be convenient to travel by car because it's parked in front of your house, think of spicing things up a little by travelling in a different way for a day. This could be the first of your heroic acts! Get moving! No matter how you move, our offers and campaigns can offer you advantages.

These people have already made the switch to a different form of travel:

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