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9 April 2019

André ter Horst on the Arriva Nextbike

"With the Arriva Nextbike, I only pay for the one-way trip"

The police station in Maastricht on Prins Bisschopsingel has had its own Arriva Nextbike station with ten shared bicycles since May 2018. André ter Horst from the police department of the province of Limburg has used the Nextbike from the start. ‘I take the train to Maastricht and use the Nextbike to travel the last part of the trip to work. It's perfect, because I can return the bicycle at the office. And if I'm called up during my shift, I can take the squad car.’

‘From my home in Venlo it's an eighteen-minute walk to the railway station, so it would be great if shared bicycles would also be introduced in Venlo. Arriva Nextbikes should actually be placed in all large cities in Limburg, as that would really make the province accessible to all.’ 

Happy with the extra exercise

‘I sit all day at my work, so I appreciate getting some exercise before and afterwards. No matter the weather, I cycle! I'm trying to encourage my colleagues to also start cycling, and any excuse about the weather I can dismiss immediately. The number of times that I had to cycle in the rain I can count on the fingers of one hand. And, most importantly, you can dress against the cold and rain. I've convinced a few colleagues to use the Nextbike, and there's now more than 20 of us who use the shared bicycles.’ 

You only pay for a one-way trip

‘I used to use the OV public transport bicycle but had to return it to the railway station. With the Nextbike, I only pay for the one-way trip. The Nextbikes also have multiple gears, which makes cycling much easier, and the service is great as well. I've had to contact the Arriva Nextbike help desk to report damage to a bicycle or when I forgot to check out the bicycle and I received great service from them every time. I also often see service staff checking the bicycle at the Nextbike rack in front of the office.’ 

All across the world

‘It's great that the Nextbikes are located all across the world. When I go on holiday, I also take out a subscription for my wife, so that we can both use a shared bicycle through the city centres abroad. The shared bike is an ideal means of transport to travel from A to B within cities across the world, because there is always a bicycle sharing rack nearby.’

If you'd like to try an Arriva Nextbike shared bicycle, go to https://www.nextbike.nl/en/maastricht/.