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3 December 2018

Chris Lemmens moves up a gear

"Cycling and enjoying the sound of the larks"

Chris Lemmens live in Klimmen and is taking part in the winter cycling campaign. He cycles to his work at Trilandis in Heerlen two to three times per week, even in winter. On the way back home, he likes to take a detour, so that the odometer sometimes reaches 55 kilometres. ‘Worries from the working day just vanish.’ 

Chris admits that he's addicted to sport. ‘I played football when I was younger, then I started cycling and running to stay fit. But as I got older, I started getting more injuries from running, which is why I only cycle now. Cycling to work is an efficient way to add up those training kilometres.’

In the morning, Chris cycles the fifteen kilometres to work and can choose from four different routes. ‘I can shower at work, so that I start my day clean and fresh. 

In the evening, I can extend the route. I enjoy finding new roads to cycle, which often means that the distance increases to 35 or 55 kilometres.’

Because of the distance, Chris doesn't cycle every day, but he does cycle year-round. ‘In the past I would take the car to work in the winter. Then I would run in my free time. Now I also cycle in winter without any hassle, as there are very few days that the weather is so bad that you can’t cycle.’

Chris is convinced that his good health is partly the result of his cycling habit. But that's not the only reason he has for preferring to cycle. ‘I can really enjoy nature when cycling to and from work. Sunrise and sunset in spring and autumn are incredibly beautiful. And when I hear the larks sing, nothing can ruin my day. I'm also committed to living more sustainably and try to reduce the kilometres I travel by car by cycling instead.’