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9 September 2019

Ellen Nelissen discusses the electric family cargo bike

"My faithful four-legged friend loves it and so do I!"

Four years ago, Ellen switched to an e-bike. During the summer and the winter, she uses it to cycle from Gronsveld to her work at Maastricht University. Ellen is an avid walker and often heads out during the evening and at weekends. Her dog Ziggy is happy to join her everywhere. When Ellen heads out on her bicycle, Ziggy looks at her with a sad expression. When she saw Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar’s offer to try out the family bike, she registered immediately. Both Ellen and Ziggy really enjoyed the cycling trips throughout the area.

Discover the e-bike

For two weeks, Ellen was able to test the e-bike for free as part of the 'Every move counts’ summer campaign which encouraged people to opt for cycling or taking public transport instead of driving. Ellen was told she could collect the bicycle at Markt square, near the university building where she works. She is responsible for programmes that students study not just at Maastricht University but also at partner universities and eventually obtain two diplomas. When not at work for this fun and sometimes hectic job, Ellen likes to take her dog on long walks. 

Ears flapping in the wind

Ziggy, the Spanish Water Dog, was rather confused when Ellen got the bicycle ready. This hesitation soon disappeared, however. ‘I folded a dog pillow and put it in the bottom of the box. Ziggy got comfortable and enjoyed watching everything whizzing past. For safety's sake I'd fastened the collar, but it wasn’t necessary. My curious dog is far too comfy in the compartment to want to jump out! Ellen enjoyed herself too. ‘I thought it would be much heavier with the box at the front. Of course there is a bit more wind resistance because of it, but the excellent motor and the smooth gears make it an easy ride. 

Avoiding the hot car

In the space of those two weeks, Ellen became very enthusiastic about this bike. ‘While the purchase price is quite steep, I completely understand because it provides such a comfortable cycling experience. The range is also great, which is why I didn't just use it for cycling with the dog. The box is also very handy for shopping. Maybe I will buy it, but first I'm going to try out one or two other cargo bikes. Especially in the summer, this cargo bike is much better than travelling by car. After a nice walk, going home in a hot car cannot compare to a bike ride through the cool air!’