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13 April 2018

Gerard Goedhart zooms through the Euregio

"I zoom through the Euregio in my electric car and on my e-bike"

It's been five years that I've been driving my own electric BMWi3 on my trips through the region. My car is charged by the solar panels on my house – it couldn't be more ecological! In those five years, I've only had to replace a few tyres, emitted zero emissions, had no oil changes, and produced no waste. I've just been zooming between Aachen, Liège, Hasselt, Maastricht (the core of the Euregional eco-zone), and Eindhoven.

I've now bought a Scott Silent E-ride (an e-bike), which I use to zoom around the city when the weather's nice. This is the most silent e-bike in the world, as it no longer has cogs and rattling chains. I'm a truly regal spectacle, solemnly cycling into the city