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10 April 2017

Hans Königs on his e-bike

"I prefer cycling to the city centre!"

Hans Königs won an e-bike as part of the 'Park your bike and win!' prize draw. Here, he explains his first experiences.

'The 'Park your bike and win!' prize draw was very clever. It was a great way to relieve traffic in the city centre during the busy December month, which happened to coincide with roadworks. We went to the city quite often to shop for Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) and Christmas gifts, and we always came by bicycle. During the prize draw, we used the bicycle-parking facility on the market square to get as many prize tickets as possible. We saved all of our tickets and entered our codes on the Maastricht Bereikbaar website. Winning the prize draw was a pleasant surprise; a kind of reward for cycling to the city so often. We plan on using the e-bike together.

This is our first experience with an e-bike and we couldn't be happier. It goes really fast with virtually no effort at all. I always cycled a lot, for work and for fun. Parking spaces are hard to find in the city centre, which is why I rarely come by car, so I take the bicycle instead, which is faster, safer, and more convenient. We do have a car, but we don't use it very often. My daily work commute is only six kilometres, which is why I cycle every day. It's a lovely trip along the picturesque Meuse and I enjoy cycling past the water. Everything goes so fast in the car, you can't really enjoy the scenery. On a bicycle you can.'