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7 June 2016

Hans Tromp over carpoolen

"You get great ideas when you’re the car together"

Hans Tromp, Facility Services Director en Margee Robertus, Research Analyst – General Internal Medicine, who both work at Maastricht University, tell us about their car pool experiences. This is part one of a (two) part interview.

Hans Tromp: "We both live in the same neighbourhood in Helmond. We knew each other before we started working together. Margee has been working at Maastricht University since 1997 and I began in 2016. Alongside my work at the university I also dabble in carpentry. During a workshop for some friends and acquaintances we got talking and decided to car pool together”. Margee Robertus adds: “When we saw that we were able to work well together during the carpentry workshop, we thought this was a good sign that car pooling would work for us too. Being cooped up in a small space together for up to three hours a day – you’ve got to get along.”

“The advantage of car pooling is that you don’t have to drive both ways.” Hans Trop continues. “The disadvantage is that it takes a little longer, but that is negligible. In the beginning it was quite tiring, because we chatted the whole way. Just like this morning, I didn’t get the time to check my emails en route, we’re too caught up in conversation.” Margee agrees: “And I missed my audiobook and chill time that I need before I arrive home and get the dinner on. Hans wants to know everything about how my day was.” 

Hans Tromp: “It is nice that we both have very different career paths, I often sit in wonder as Margee tells me all about what she is up to. I have learnt quite a lot from her during our car pool sessions. We’ve talked about her work in the laboratory, cultivating cells and mimicking the biological processes in the body. This is proper science fiction for me, pure high tech, incredibly exciting. However we do also talk about more simple subjects, such as the quality of the coffee, shortcuts and cheaper fuel prices in Belgium. You get great ideas when you’re in the car together. Our conversations are great for my work. I can pass on ideas to my peers about what works in terms of facilities and what needs to be improved.”