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Inez Delsing over het Nieuwe Rijden

"Ingesleten gewoonten zijn van invloed op je brandstofverbruik.

19 July 2019

Inez Delsing talks about the new way of driving

"Old habits impact your fuel consumption"

On Wednesday 24 July, four drivers took their seats next to an instructor who told them all about driving with less fuel as part of the new way of driving. Inez Delsing was one of the participants. Inez has had her driver's license for nearly 30 years but is open to learn a new way of driving. ‘The new generation is taught how to drive economically during their driving lessons. But for me it was really interesting to see how much your habits influence your fuel consumption and how the new way of driving can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.’


Inez was able to save money by braking less often, which forces you to accelerate quickly. ‘You can only do that by always anticipating the situation, which allows you to slow down on time and then allow the car to roll out. For example, you can take a wide traffic circle in third gear if you anticipate the situation. I then started to think about the stop-start systems and whether they are actually energy efficient. But André the instructor assured me that modern technology is highly efficient.’ 


During the course, Inez drove a route through the Heuvelland area. ‘It's much more fun than driving over the motorway, as you interact more with other road users. The warm weather also affects fuel consumption, as it increases the temperature inside the tyres and therefore pushes up the tyre pressure. I was told that you don't have to make your tyre pressure too high at higher temperatures. But at normal temperatures, the correct tyre pressure – which was actually higher than I thought – can also boost driving economically.’

Always drive safely

The sun was shining brightly during the course, so there were a lot of questions about using the air conditioning in the car. But the expert tells us to simply switch it on. ‘The increased fuel consumption is completely outweighed by the benefits air conditioning presents. The cold air keeps you alert while driving. Driving economically is important, but safety comes first!’   

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