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19 June 2018

Johan van der Donk about ‘Ontdek de e-bike’

"The e-bike will allow me to save €10,000 in three years"

Johan van Donk works at the Bijenkorf department store in Maastricht and has shared his experiences of the e-bike.

‘I took part in the free e-bike trial for a week through my employer. When I saw the “Ontdek de e-bike” flyer at work, I signed up straightaway. A week later, I was able to borrow the bike for a single 18-kilometre ride from my home in Geleen to my work in Maastricht.’ 

‘We could choose from three models. I chose the Kalkhoff model, as recommended by my manager, as it’s a solid, comfortable bike that’s great for cycling longer distances. There’s a spring in the pin of the saddle and, from a price point of view, it's the best brand. This bike is very different from my regular bicycle that I sometimes travelled to work on. I now arrive at work fresher and more relaxed, and I enjoy cycling home after work. You cycle out of the hustle and bustle of work and get back home with a clear head. The e-bike means you're no longer fighting against headwinds, and I don't even struggle to climb Kruisberg hill near Bunde, even after a day at work. From door to door, it takes me about 45 minutes to get to work – it sometimes takes longer by car or public transport!

‘Another advantage is the cost. The e-bike will allow me to save €10,000 in three years, as I'll no longer have to pay the costs of petrol, insurance, road tax, public transport, and parking. You only pay for charging the bike. And you can even do that for free if you charge the bike in the bike shed at work.’

‘I'd encourage anyone who is still unsure to try out the “Ontdek de e-bike” campaign run by Maastricht Bereikbaar. Even if your employer doesn't participate, you can borrow an e-bike for free for a week if you travel to work on one of the bridges in Maastricht every day. There are several bicycle dealers in Maastricht who are taking part in the campaign. Ask them for advice and see how you can benefit both financially and in terms of your health.’