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20 November 2020

John and Evelien discuss their surprise after Discover the E-bike

"E-bikes are ideal for daily trips, but remember to wear a helmet!"

In many ways, 2020 was a striking year. This also applies to bicycles. The number of bicycles, electric or otherwise, sold in the Netherlands grew rapidly. Most people take their time when considering purchasing an e-bike. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar also offered many people the opportunity to try an e-bike in 2020. Naturally, everyone who participated in such trial days also had a chance to win an e-bike. John Cohnen and Evelien Mertens were the lucky winners this time round.

Throughout the year, we provided bicycles for trial weeks at a number of locations. Wherever we went, we were met with enthusiastic responses. Many people do not know that participating in such trial days/weeks offers another benefit. If you fill in the survey, you have a chance to win an e-bike all for yourself. John and Evelien's win was quite the surprise to them.

Avid cyclist

John participated via his employer Zuyderland. Without a doubt, we can coin John as an avid cyclist and he says, ‘I used to always cycle to work. Now that I have retired, I like going cycling on my electric mountain bike.’ He also likes cycling for daily trips. Those will be the moments when John will use his e-bike. As accidents even happen to experienced cyclists such as John, he is planning to purchase a helmet.

Heading out with the dog

During the discover the e-bike campaign, Evelien Mertens collected her e-bike at the Beatrixhaven industrial estate. She isn't the only member of the family who likes the e-bike. ‘My dog Lucy loves it when I put her in the bicycle trailer and take her cycling. I will definitely be bring her along for my first cycle with the e-bike!’ Evelien works as an occupational therapist in a rehabilitation centre, and each day she sees patients who have brain damage. In some cases, this brain damage was caused by a fall involving an e-bike. We can therefore safely assume that Evelien will also purchase a good helmet to go with the e-bike she won.

Opportunities and tips

Would you like to discover whether an e-bike is right for you? View the options. Act fast, because we only have a few more campaigns currently scheduled. Have you already decided to purchase an e-bike and would like to know whether the Dutch tax authorities would contribute towards this purchase? Then visit www.maakdebeweging.nl for tips.