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5 November 2020

Luuk Bongaerts on his ‘work from home cycling route

"With work from home being our “new normal” going cycling on Wednesday nights became our new ritual"

Working from home became the new normal for some people a long time ago. This is the case for Luuk Bongaerts and his new colleague-partner Stephanie. They keep moving thanks to their weekly cycling rounds while they work from home. These cycling rounds also helped them win a raincoat on the cycle to work day.

Wednesday rounds

‘With work from home being our “new normal,” rounds on Wednesday nights became our new ritual,’ explains Luuk. Maastricht-Gronsveld-Rijckholt-Moerslag-Sint Geertruid-Eckelrade-Bruisterbosch-Termaar-Ingber-Scheulder-Margraten-Groot Welsden-’t Rooth-Gasthuis-Bemelen-Maastricht. Every week, we cycle the same round inspired by working from home.

Something different every week

‘Sometimes we talk about everything that's on our minds. Other times, we single-mindedly set off as both of us remains in deep thought about the working day. We enjoy the simplicity of repetition. Each week is a new experience in some respect, because we are seven days later in the season. We see when fruit trees begin to bud up until they produce juicy apples. Sometimes we have to make a detour due to roadworks. We saw the terraces close, and later reopen thankfully. Each week when we get home, our bodies are relaxed and our minds are refreshed. It's a ritual to uphold.’

The Netherlands, country of rain

Luuk sent the ‘work from home cycling route’ to Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar for a chance to win the raincoats offered as prizes because of the ‘cycle to work day’ in September. Luuk already had a good raincoat, so he would give the prize to Stephanie if he won. What a show of collegial friendliness! We wish Luuk and Stephanie much more enjoyment on their post-work cycling.

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