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19 August 2019

Maarten Ouwerkerk talks about the new way of driving

"The new way of driving: ‘It's difficult to stay consistent"

At 72, Maarten Ouwerkerk already has quite some years of driving, and he is already trying to drive economically. Yet he was curious whether he would learn something new with the course 'The new way of driving' offered by Maastricht Bereikbaar. ‘I really enjoyed the course, as it was great to see that improvement is still possible. However, you do need to stay consistent while driving, and that can be tough sometimes.’


One of the things that Maarten learned was to let the car roll out when approaching a traffic light. ‘You wouldn’t usually allow the car to roll out and brake as little as possible when approaching a traffic light. That takes a lot of concentration, especially when driving in the city. There's so much that you need to pay attention to that it becomes difficult to concentrate on rolling out when approaching a traffic light or giving too much gas. You have much more time to think about these actions on the motorway.’

Hurrying is a no-no

When asked if he does try to apply it, Maarten replies, ‘I learned to perfect my driving style and pay more attention to giving gas. I no longer overtake unnecessarily or put my foot down only to need to brake hard again.’ Maarten does not think most people drive economically because they are always in a rush. ‘When you hurry, you tend to drive faster, brake harder, and overtake more often. It also means that you're no longer thinking about reducing your fuel consumption.’

Pay attention to your driving

Maarten is planning to drive the 180 kilometres to Purmerend to visit his sister next weekend. ‘Then I'll pay close attention to how I drive. If it's busy on the road, I'll be sure to keep a good distance from the lorries. You'll also get there if you just take it easy and use less fuel as a bonus.’

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