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23 June 2016

Margee Robertus about car pooling

"The long journey to work isn’t boring anymore, and it costs less!"

Hans Tromp, Facility Services Director and Margee Robertus, Research Analyst – General Internal Medicine, who both work at Maastricht University, tell us about their take on car pooling. This is the second part of a two-part interview.

Margee Robertus: "We take turns driving and picking each other up. In the evening we send a WhatsApp so we’re both aware of who’s doing what. Tuesdays and Thursday are the two weekdays that we both work, that’s when we can car pool. I have tried to commute by train, however the journey feels super long that way. It’s just an hour and a quarter by car. By train it’s 2.5 hours from Helmond to my work, and that’s just one way.” 

“The advantage of car pooling is that it makes the long journey less boring”, Margee Robertus tells us. “It’s nice to travel a few hours in the car together each week. You can share your views and ideas with each other. Exchanging thoughts with someone from another work group can be beneficial for your own work. And travelling together costs less. Of course you’ve got to get along with whomever you’re car pooling with, you’re not going to do it just to save money.” Hans Tromp mentions another couple of advantages: “The journey feels quicker when you’ve got someone to pass the time with and it’s better for the environment.” 

Margee Robertus and Hans Tromp have a few more tips for those considering car pooling: “Just approach someone and propose the idea. You don’t have to commit to a daily journey, because then you may run out of things to talk about. Also, split the costs by taking turns driving.” Margee and Hans tell us that car pooling is not always the most convenient way to commute. “Not everyone can car pool, as you’ve got to spend quite an amount of time alone with each other in a small space. You’ve got to be able to trust the other person to drive, and make sure you’re not a  “backseat driver” the whole time, you’ve just got to give yourself over to it.”

Margee Robertus: “We make the return journey back home at about 17:00-17:30. We use WhatsApp to organise this as well. When you commit to a departure time, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve finished your work, so the other person isn’t wasting time waiting for you. WhatsApp has definitely played a crucial role in our car pooling.”