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16 April 2019

Marie-Thérèse ten Wolde - Pleijers on the public transport

"I sit all day. I’m glad when I can walk to the station"

Thirteen years I drove to work every day. Until two years ago. When I thought: what on earth am I doing? After that, the car just stood there, so we sold it eventually.

I’m far more aware of my lifestyle than I used to be. I trained as a health consultant and am now studying homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. It’s probably all tied in with getting older; you start thinking more about how you live. At home I go everywhere by bike. I’ve got an allotment, so ready-made meals are taboo in my home. Environmental-awareness is also important where I work. Cars are actively discouraged and the only way to visit our office in Amsterdam is by train. Better for the planet, better for you.

I sit all day, so I’m glad when I can walk to the station. And in Sittard, where I live, I cycle everywhere. The benefits of the train far outweigh the drawbacks: sit back and relax, no need to keep your mind on the road. I can just switch off. Some time ago, I made a big mistake and took the car to work again. That was before we sold it. By the time I reached Beek I was already stuck in a long queue of traffic!

I’ve even won over some colleagues to my way of thinking. They use the train now as well.