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6 December 2018

Marla Janssen moves up a gear

"When I cycle, my asthma just vanishes"

 ‘From my home in Berg aan de Maas it's an 11-kilometre, one-way trip to my work at Watersley in Sittard, so that's quite easy to cover by bicycle. But I can't use a normal bicycle because I have asthma and always took the car instead. That is until I tried the e-bike which was amazing. Since January 2018 I've been cycling to work every single day.’ 

Trying out seven different e-bikes

‘Since I've had the e-bike I only used the car on three occasions to get to work. I cycle through all types of weather, even in March when it was still snowing. In November my odometer was at 5,000 kilometres. I use the bicycle for everything now. I bought large, water-resistant bicycle bags, good clothing, and a bicycle that suits me perfectly. I tried seven different e-bikes at Roger Wijnen bicycle dealer in Geleen before choosing one.’

More fresh air on the bicycle

‘I adjust the support on the e-bike depending on how fit I feel in the morning. I have become much fitter now that I cycle for at least half an hour twice a day. Cycling has also improved my asthma. The medication that I take in the mornings sometimes doesn't work properly. But when I get on my bicycle, it feels as if my lungs just open up and that I can breathe better.’

Singing in the rain on the bicycle

‘I did need to make a conscious change to start cycling. But after two weeks I was used to it and cycling made me feel much better. I even enjoy cycling in bad weather now. When it's raining, I put on my raincoat and sing as I cycle. I love cycling in this weather, as I have the entire road to myself; there's not a single other cyclist in sight!’

Dare to make the change

‘Cycling has been great for my health and it's great for the environment too. My husband also changed his mind and takes the bicycle to work much more often now. Leaving the car at home is good for your health, it's good for the environment, and it's good for your wallet too. So, dare to make the change – the benefits are worth it. I'd be happy to pass on my passion for cycling to anyone who is still hesitant.’