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9 September 2020

Mr and Mrs Franssen on ‘Ontdek de e-bike via een rijwielhandelaar’

"The trial week removed all our doubts; we are going to buy an e-bike!"

The Franssens were the first participants in ‘Ontdek de e-bike via een rijwielhandelaar’ (Discover the e-bike via a bicycle dealer). Commuters in or to and residents of South Limburg were offered the opportunity to try an e-bike for free for six days via bicycle shops Giant Store in Sittard-Geleen and De Beente in Maastricht. This was to bring the bicycles closer to the users, which is important for the region because people in healthier regions exercise more and use their cars less.   

Mr and Mrs Franssen collected their reserved bicycles from Giant Store in Sittard. Mr Franssen travels many kilometres with his bicycle, with or without a motor on it. ‘I still wanted to try one of those fast electric bicycles, so did my wife. She needs a new bicycle and was considering purchasing an e-bike. She was rather hesitant because she had heard a few stories about accidents with e-bikes. When we heard that we could try out an e-bike at Giant Store, we signed up right away.’

The trial week removed all our doubts

‘One week later, we were invited to collect the Giant DailyTour E+1 at the bicycle dealer. The trial week removed all our doubts – we thought cycling on the e-bike was fantastic. The e-bike requires little force for pedalling and it has quite a large cycling range. We are seriously planning to purchase one!’  

Seizing every opportunity to get people to use alternatives to cars

Ron Mohren, the owner of Giant Store Sittard-Geleen, says ‘We seize every opportunity to get people to use an e-bike instead of their car. We have already received a lot of applications. This means that we are busier than we were before, but it's for a good cause. It's great to see how enthusiastic people are after having tried the e-bikes, like Mr and Mrs Franssen!’