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8 November 2018

Rob Starren moves up a gear

"No matter the weather, I need to cycle"

 ‘I started working in 1983 and always used the bicycle to get to work right from day one. Being able to cycle to work is an absolute pleasure. I can enjoy the view, which is wonderful in summer and in winter, as I pedal my way to Maastricht. The winters used to be much harsher and when you cycled down Rasberg hill and into Bergerstraat, you could feel the warmth. No matter the weather, I just need to cycle. I put on my hiking boots when it's snowing or if the road is slippery, because I can then put my feet on the ground to control the bicycle as I slide down Rasberg hill.’

Grabbing a bite to eat

‘I have a job that involves a lot of sitting and I really enjoy good food, so I need something to balance that out! I feel much fitter from cycling to work and I actually really enjoy it. It makes me fitter and builds resistance. It also reduces stress because I end my day with a bicycle ride.’ 

Mont Ventoux

‘I always go mountain biking on Sunday mornings. I'm fit enough to do this because I cycle so often during the week. I also enjoy challenging myself, so we decided to cycle up Mont Ventoux with a group. I don't have to be the first to reach the top, but I do want to make it all the way. I really enjoy mountain biking – that's when I get to cycle for fun! Once I've completed the route, I like to finish off with a bite to eat and something to drink. That's something I really enjoy as well! And then on Monday I get back on the bicycle to make up for that indulgence.’

Cycling partner?

‘My colleague Ruud Pessers cycles to work from Houthem every day and always arrives at the office red-faced from the effort. No matter the weather, he always comes to work by bicycle.’