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17 December 2020

Tatyana Kelly on electric vehicles

"Driving an electric car feels like swapping a rowing boat for a speedboat."

Tatyana Kelly is a pharmacy technician employed by UMC+ in Maastricht. Each day, she drives from her house in Schin op Geul to Maastricht. Even during the coronavirus crisis, her work continues on-site. Tatyana felt that trying out an electric car via Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar was like receiving a gift and says, ‘Driving an electric car feels like swapping a rowing boat for a speedboat. The electric car had such phenomenal power – it was a joy to experience.’

‘One of my passions is studying electronics, so everything involving cars and technology really interests me. I restored my fuel-powered car – a Subaru – all on my own.’ Tatyana tried out the BMWi3. ‘It's a great car and provides the ultimate driving experience. An electric car handles completely differently, is much faster, is more modern, and has an array of technical features.’

Planning ahead for vacations

Tanya and her husband even took the BMWi3 to go on their holiday. Before they could do so, they needed to do quite a bit of scheduling and investigation. ‘For my daily commute, I don't need to charge the car each day. The 280-kilometre range meant that we weren't sure whether we could drive the car straight to Texel without charging on our way. Before we travelled, I looked up where I could quickly charge the car. I found that there were three Fastned charging points on our route.’

Driving economically

‘We drove very economically by sticking to motorways and staying in eco-mode. There was a charger at the hotel, so we were able to charge the car again. To be on the safe side, we decided to charge the car while we were on our way. As the car was charging, we bought ourselves some coffee and watched Netflix in the car. After a 20-minute charge on the fast charger, we could continue our journey.’ 

Electric vehicles are the future

Tatyana Kelly and her husband are currently having a new house built. Their building plans are taking the purchasing of an electric car into account. ‘We will have solar panels on the roof and our own charging point installed. This will enable me to charge the car at night. Electric vehicles are the future. The technology is developing rapidly and becoming better and better. It's comforting to know that driving electric vehicle produces no CO2 emissions. I am therefore definitely planning on switching to an electric car in the future.’

If you want to know more about driving an electric vehicle, please visit www.maakdebeweging.nl/elektrischrijden for more information.