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25 October 2019

Theo van der Leek explains why he chose an electric car

"The conversations I had at the Mobility Arena confirmed my decision to choose an e-car"

Business owner and traffic engineer Theo van der Leek recently started driving an electric car, saying: ‘I used to have a diesel car. Everybody knows that they aren’t the most environmentally friendly... This is becoming clearer because of the measures that municipalities are taking to keep diesel cars out of their city centres, which is pretty inconvenient for business owners like me.’

The Mobility Arena was an opportunity for attendees to become acquainted with sustainable mobility solutions. The aim of the South Limburg Mobility Arena was to offer attendees the opportunity to see and experience mobility. This was where Theo decided to choose an electric car. ‘I went on a number of test rides in electric cars, including in a Tesla 3. After the Mobility Arena, I also test drove a Hyundai Kona. I think the Hyundai Kona was a more familiar "car" experience, because of its compact SUV look and higher seats.’


Six months ago, Theo started looking into electric cars. ‘As someone who needs to drive for business, it is still beneficial to purchase an electric car up to a price of €50,000. In 2018, business owners only paid 4% addition of a fully electric car's list price to taxable income instead of the general rate of 22% addition to taxable income for all other vehicles. In 2019, those tax schemes were changed. Now, the 4% addition to taxable income only applies to fully electric cars valued at up to €50,000. Starting in 2020, the rate of percentage addition to taxable income for electric cars will be increased each year until it reaches 22% in 2026.’

Hydrogen-powered cars

A hydrogen-powered car was also presented at the Mobility Arena. ‘I also considered purchasing one of those, but ultimately chose the electric car because of the lower purchase price and the number of charging points across the country.’