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9 July 2019

Tim Beijers on cycling to work

"I love taking the long way back home after work!"

During the summer campaign, we also handed out a prize draw code to Tim Beijers who cycles to work on his mountain bike. Tim works for the government of the province of Limburg where he grants permits for the Nature Conservation Act. He also likes to spend his free time on a mountain bike enjoying nature. So, he likes to extend his cycling route between Eijsden and the provincial government building, but only if his wife Daisy and their sons can miss him from home a little longer.

It’s fun and better for the environment 

Tim cycles to work almost every day. ‘I enjoy it, it's cheap, and it’s better for the environment. I actually can't think of many reasons of why you shouldn't cycle. Some people think that it rains too often, but when you cycle to work every day, you realize that weeks go by where there's no rain at all. I once saw the figures that prove this on the internet, but everyone that cycles on a daily basis knows that rain isn't an excuse.’ 

Great facilities 

The route to work from Eijsden is a long and straight road that Tim enjoys to cycle. It takes him just over fifteen minutes to cycle to the provincial government on his mountain bike, after which he changes at work. There are great facilities for cyclists – there's even a shower. The provincial government also offers financial incentives for cycling. People who don't use the free parking spaces receive a higher commuting allowance. Once every three years, you can use the bicycle plan to purchase a bicycle with tax benefit. Tim is thinking about maybe using this to get a new mountain bike in the future. 

110 kilometres of effort 

Tim often extends the route back home with a challenging detour but since the birth of his second son, he cycles this route less often. However, Tim has already decided that when the boys are a little bigger, he'll become more dedicated to cycling again. ‘It's great to cycle long routes through Limburg. The new mountain bike route on St. Pietersberg hill is really beautiful. I also take part in the Bart Brentjens Challenge in Eijsden.’ This shows that cycling to work every day can be the prelude for 110 kilometres of cycling through the hills of South Limburg. Who's next?