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We all have a part to play

While the message has been clear for years, the concerns regarding the climate have intensified in recent years. We all want to live in a safe and healthy environment. If we would all opt for the bicycle or public transport instead of the car every once in a while, our environment would benefit. Join in! Even if you sometimes wonder whether your efforts may only be a drop in the ocean, you are not the only one making a contribution. Many people have already changed their commuting habits because of the climate crisis. Any contributions you make for the environment serve as an example to others. In the summer of 2019, we thanked hundreds of travellers by handing out prize draw codes, because every move counts! 

Marc van de Riet talks about travelling by public transport
Of course I also travel by public transport, I’m not going to drive into the city centre
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Maarten Ouwerkerk talks about the new way of driving
The new way of driving: ‘It's difficult to stay consistent
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Sylvia Buntix about cycling
Cycling is good for my legs, good for the environment, and good for my wallet!
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Rob Schaap on driving electrically
Getting as far as possible with one fully charged battery is a challenge
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Laurens Drogendijk on environmentally friendly driving
Don't just talk about it, do it
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Rina and John Janssen help to reduce CO2 emissions
We want everyone to enjoy the freedom of riding a bicycle
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Rob Starren moves up a gear
No matter the weather, I need to cycle
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Karel Pisters on driving less
I prefer to travel by bicycle, public transport, or on foot – it's easier for me and better for my health and the environment
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Inez Delsing talks about the new way of driving
Old habits impact your fuel consumption
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...is an emission-free way of getting from A to B that also sets a good example for the next generation. 

Marla Janssen Sittard Geleen Fietst
Enjoy more 

When you cycle, you can better enjoy the surrounding area in the knowledge that you are helping to preserve it. 

Zomercampagne 2019 Fiets En Bus
Traveling by bus... 

...is good in two ways: sharing a vehicle with others, and older buses are increasingly being replaced with electric ones! 

Zomercampagne 2019 Trein
Traveling by train... 

...instead of by car can save an average of 2.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. That is equivalent to seven return flights to Paris! 

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