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Cars can be expensive, 

Costing between 17 and 26 cents per kilometre driven. That excludes the fixed costs of cars that according to the  Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information, only available in Dutch) amount to at least €163 per month for even the smallest cars. Petrol, damage, maintenance, and even parking costs can result in you spending a hefty amount on your car each month.

Reduce your expenditure 

If you opt to switch entirely to the bicycle, you can save up to €300 per month. Using public transport instead of your car can also save you a significant amount. If you absolutely have to have a car, the savings may be lower. Even in such cases, we have tips that can offer you more financial breathing space.

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Fietsenstalling Centraal Station Maastricht

...could save or even earn you money. Your employer can still pay you the same nineteen cents per kilometre of commuting distance, which would not need to go towards insurance and maintenance for a bike like it would for a car.  

Borrow, purchase, or lease

On Discover the E-bike you will see how you can test an e-bike for free for a week as well as information on purchasing or leasing an e-bike.  

Openbaar Vervoer Vouwfiets Trein
Public transport... 

.... may not always seem like the cheaper choice, but a public transport subscription is often cheaper than travel by car. Details on specific costs of journeys can be found on 9292.nl.

Station Maastricht Trein

If you occasionally travel by public transport, we recommend looking out for offers on day return tickets. If you travel across the country, these offers can save a lot of money. Best of all, you do not have to pay parking costs! 

Het Nieuwe Rijden Verbruik Benzine
Conscientious driving 

An economical car, car tyres inflated to the right pressure, correctly anticipating what is happening on the roads, and changing gear at the right moment are all ways of saving money.   

Zomercampagne Subway Penrnoord
P + R

Even if you cannot switch from the car entirely, you can save money by parking on the outskirts of the city. Continuing your journey by bus or by bicycle is usually cost-effective.   

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