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27 February 2020

International travel by bus or train

Maastricht inaugurated the Benelux’s first international bus station on 6 January 2020, offering bus connections to 83 European destinations. The bus station is behind the train station, which means Maastricht is now even more of an international transport hub than it already was! Given that travelling by public transport has less impact on the climate, the bus station is also right in line with the city’s ambition to be climate-neutral by 2030.

International bus travel: how it works

Buses operated by FlixBus and IC Buses operated by Deutsche Bahn stop at the international bus station. Depending on your destination, you can buy a ticket at www.flixbus.com or www.bahn.com. You choose a destination, search for a date and time, and reserve a seat. On that day, make sure you get to the bus station on time. If you book in advance, travelling by bus is an especially cheap way to travel.

Eco-friendly travel

Travelling by bus or train to destinations such as London, Paris, or Berlin is a low-cost and sustainable way to travel. So, if you’re planning a trip to a European destination, you should definitely consider taking one of these modes of transport. If you don’t believe us, Milieu Centraal (which gives practical tips on how to become more sustainable) has compiled a ranking of transport according to climate impact:

  1. Travelling by international train, including high-speed trains, or coach.
  2. Travelling by car (you as a driver, with one or more passengers).
  3. Travelling by plane, or by car if you have no passengers.

Driving can have a different environmental impact depending on the vehicle you’re driving. For instance, if you drive an electric or very economical car, your emissions are much lower than if you drive an old car with a diesel engine.

FlixBus: the sustainable way to stay connected

To reduce their fleet’s CO2 emissions, FlixBus is experimenting with solar panels. So, if you take the bus to London or Dortmund, you can now use and charge your smartphone on solar energy.

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