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20 October 2020

Is everyone switching to electric cars at L’Ortye?

L’Ortye, a transport company based in South Limburg, likes to increase sustainability. ‘Our generation can turn the tide,’ says director Jean L’Ortye. ‘This applies on an individual level and at the company level. We like contacting other companies to help achieve this change.’ The company recently became affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, so that they could have a 'sustainability check' on its logistics and how its employees commute. 

Green logistics

The L’Ortye group has a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles, which it uses as efficiently as possible. ‘We use digital platforms to arrange for our vehicles to transport the freight of other companies on our return trips,’ explains Jean L’Ortye. ‘Smart planning software helps us improve our efficiency. We have the newest, efficient generation of lorries, but we are also considering transport by waterways.’ Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar provides support to L’Ortye in their efforts to achieve sustainable mobility. Together, we review policy and practical support.

Following through

Jean L’Ortye recently attended the recent South Limburg Mobility Arena for employers after being asked to join a discussion at the table. Here, they discussed topics including the theme of sustainable mobility among employees. At that point, Jean stated his intent to follow through on sustainable mobility within his company. ‘Together with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, we will assess how far employees live from their place of work and which modalities we can use to ensure that our employees can get to work in a healthier and more sustainable way.’

Plug-in transport 

The time has arrived. As of 16 October, the company has been offering e-bikes and an e-car for employees to trial. Employees can reserve these modes of transport for a trial day. Will they warm to the idea of plug-in transport? Jean is already on-board. He was one of the first to trial one of the e-bikes and cycled from Maastricht to the offices in Maastricht, Meers, Stein, and Hoensbroek. ‘It was a stunning route that took me on a 46-kilometre-long journey through beautiful South Limburg! When I stopped at each location, I had a chat with colleagues and let them cycle for a bit on this fantastic bicycle. While I was travelling between points, I had time to think about our plans for the future!’

Mark Luikens
Project leader logistics
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