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14 August 2020

Many Belgian and German tourists expected in Maastricht this weekend Remember to follow the tips for safely navigating the city!

Saturday 15 August marks the Assumption of Mary into Heaven and is a public holiday. This means that many of our Belgian and German neighbours will visit Maastricht on 15 and 16 August. We expect that the city centre will be rather busy if the tropical temperatures have dropped a little bit by then.

Visit during less crowded times

We recommend that you plan your visit to Maastricht on a different day, or consider visiting during the less crowded hours before 12:00 noon. We would also like to suggest that you explore lesser-known neighbourhoods in Wyck, 't Bassin, Plein 1992, Stokstraatkwartier, Sphinxkwartier, and Jekerkwartier.

To ensure that people can safely use spaces in the city, we need to be able to spread out visitor flows.

Read our tips for Safely Navigating the City.

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