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20 November 2020

Need to cross the border? Only do this for essential journeys!

Nine warning signs have been placed at the border crossings near Maastricht. The sign vehicles were deployed on the initiative of the mayors of the three border municipalities, and are there to inform everyone that cross-border, non-essential journeys are not allowed due to the coronavirus crisis. This is because it is how we can protect one another. 

Where are the sign vehicles located?

The signs are located on both sides of the border next to the cross-border routes on Cannerweg, Tongerseweg-Maastrichtersteenweg, Brusselseweg-Maaseikersteenweg, Via Regia-Tweede Carabinierslaan, and Bosscherweg.

Too many travel movements

The municipalities are still registering too many travel movements and are questioning whether these are essential. The signs represent an extra warning. Only cross the border to work, study, receive medical care, provide informal care, visit family, or attend funerals.

More information

Read the full press release by the Municipality of Maastricht on the municipality's website.

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