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20 November 2020

NEW: Now’s the perfect time for ‘Zuid-Limburg in Beweging’ (South Limburg on the Move)!

The coronavirus crisis resulted in a number of new general rules in society. It also represents an opportunity to reflect on our own exercise, work, and commuting habits. For example, how can you keep exercising while working from home? How do you travel smart, safely, and sustainably to work when working from home is not an option. Our new campaign called ‘Fit thuis, slim eropuit’ (fit at home, travelling smart) aims to help as many residents of the region as possible in travelling in smart and sustainable ways, even now.

Our challenge is ensuring that as many people as possible create their own plans for extra minutes of exercise. We will help you do this with an online schedule, concrete tips, tools, and fun prize draws.

Fit at home, travelling smart

Since 2010, the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office has worked on accessibility as well as smart, safe, and sustainable mobility. Now that teleworking is a reality for many employers, we are taking the step to encourage ‘working from home healthily’. The ambitions and goals to contribute to smart, safe, and sustainable mobility are higher than ever before. This resulted in the combination ‘Fit thuis, slim eropuit’ (Fit at home, travelling smart).

Online schedule

Does the following sound familiar to you? The New Year's resolution to start exercising, change your diet, or cycle to work as of tomorrow? Our tips and tools can help you to start exercising and to stick to it. For this purpose, we have developed an online schedule which can help you make your good resolutions concrete. The campaign featuring great prizes represents an extra factor to encourage you.

Submit your New Year's resolution before 18 December

So if you live or work in South Limburg, then send us your New Year's resolution for a chance to win fantastic prizes. You can enter until 18 December inclusive. The first 100 entries will receive an extra prize! For a change of winning the grand prize – an e-bike – we will ask about your progress on your New Year's resolution.

Jury and front runners

This campaign is supported by a jury and front runners. The jury will evaluate the entries and the progress of the participants. Together with the front runners, they will support the campaign by sharing how they work from home in a healthy way or travel in a smart way. We will introduce them to you in the coming days. 

For employers

Employers who want advice on ‘Fit at home, travelling smart’ are invited to contact our mobility agents. They are ready to help you.

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