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9 June 2020

Regular public transport timetable for essential travel

As of June, the regular public transport timetable will be implemented for essential travel for public transport users. Please note that you must wear a face mask on public transport. Both NS and Arriva have implemented appropriate measures to ensure safe travel. A number of bus numbers for schools have resumed service. To guarantee the safety of employees, passengers must board buses at the middle or rear bus doors. People at train stations must also keep 1.5-metres apart from others. It is not permitted to take bicycles into trains, with the exception of folding bikes, at this time.

NS: return to regular public transport timetable

As of 2 June, the regular public transport timetable will resume for NS trains, with the exception of night trains and a number of other trains. The NS is operating the maximum number of trains that it can under the current coronavirus measures and which are required to ensure the Netherlands remains accessible. To ensure safe travel, public transport users can only use the seats next to the windows. These will be marked with a green sticker. This means that approximately 50% of the seats in the trains will be available. Social distancing measures will remain in place. Please note that public transport users will be required to wear a face mask on public transport as of 1 June.

Arriva: appropriate measure for responsible travel

As of 1 June, Arriva will implement its regular timetable for its trains. It may also deploy longer trains. On Whit Monday (1 June), the trains will run according to the Sunday service timetable. Because of the available space in trains, transport users will temporarily not be allowed to take bicycles onto trains as of 1 June. The ribbons, which previously marked an area that passengers had to keep free to ensure that train drivers could access the cabin, will be removed as of 1 June. This will ensure that transport users have more space. Train conductors will be on trains more frequently and will wear extra personal protective equipment.

As of 2 June, Arriva will upscale its number of buses in service to the level it operates on normal working days during the holiday service timetable. Additionally, the bus numbers for schools (bus numbers 621, 629, 632, 652, 655, 670, and 675*) will resume service. Bus numbers 10 and 350 will also depart every fifteen minutes in Maastricht. However, it is still not possible to request a bus for after 10:00 PM. Arriva still has to review whether the local bus services will be resumed and how it can do this. 
Arriva prioritizes the safety of its employees. For the safety of Arriva employees, please board the bus at the middle or rear bus doors. Arriva is working on making changes to buses to make it possible for people to board the buses through the front doors again.

Keep checking www.arriva.nl/limburg for current information on travel provided by Arriva’s buses and trains from 2 June. 

Keep 1.5 metres apart from other people at train and bus stations

The 1.5-metre social distancing rule applies at train and bus stations. To make it easier for transport users to keep 1.5 metres apart, ProRail and NS have introduced coronavirus measures at train stations with the approval of transport providers. Stickers, pictograms, and lines to mark distance have been put in place to make sure these measures are visible to transport users. As of 20 May, more shops and services at the station will be gradually reopened to the public. Measures will also be implemented at these locations to ensure people can keep to the social distancing guidelines. In the near future, transport users will be able to purchase face masks at a number of shops in train stations.

Only use public transport when strictly necessary

Before going on your journey, consult the NS or Arriva travel planner to make sure your train or bus will depart as scheduled. Follow the government's guidelines and only use public transport when strictly necessary. Work from home if possible and avoid crowds. That is why the advice remains: only travel when strictly necessary. Working together is the only way to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Signing Coronaregels Op Station Maastricht

Share your opinion: Public transport survey on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

To gain more insight into the current and future use of public transport, we invite transport users to complete an online survey (only available in Dutch). 

Join in!

Visit the Verkeersonderneming to register your participation. If you participate, you will receive a copy of the results of the survey if you indicate this.

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