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3 December 2020

Remaining mobile with a shared car

Some people think that not having their own car makes them less independent. With 64,312 shared cars currently in the Netherlands, you can remain mobile without the fixed costs of owning your own car. There are already approx. 730,000 people who use shared cars. This means that the target of reaching 700,000 users of shared cars by 2021 stated in the Greendeal Autodelen II (Green Deal Car Sharing II) has been achieved a year early. In 2020, the number of shared car users grew by 42% based on the CROW-KpVV's annual Autodelen (car sharing) dashboard.

Why should you choose car sharing?

With 64,312 shared cars currently in the Netherlands, you can be mobile without owning your own car. This is especially the case for people who only drive a few thousand kilometres each year or don't often need a car. Remember to include the costs that come with owning a car that you would avoid having to pay. Car sharing is also better for the environment. To put things in a different perspective: if you don't make regular use of your car, then you can earn some extra money by making it available as a shared car. For example, you could start sharing a car with friends or family. If this suits you, then you can list your car as available for sharing with others via SnappCar. If you have decided to get rid of your car, then you can consider using platforms that offer shared cars in South Limburg such as Greenwheels and ConnectCar.

Even more shared cars

The aim is to have 100,000 shared cars driving around the Netherlands in 2021. While 13,000 may have been added to the existing number of shared cars in the Netherlands in a single year, greater efforts remain necessary to achieve this target. Currently, there are 369 shared cars per 100,000 residents in the Netherlands and demand for shared cars has increased due to the rising number of people using them.

A second challenge is increasing the number of available electric shared cars. A large portion of the available shared cars are powered by electricity. Of the 64,312 shared cars, 8.2% are hybrid or wholly electric of which 6% are entirely electric. In comparison, of all cars for private individuals in the Netherlands, only 2.7% are hybrid or wholly electric, of which 1.2% are entirely electric.

Source: Verkeersnet 30 October 2020


Green Deal Autodelen II

Greendeal Autodelen II (Green Deal Car Sharing II) was signed in October 2018. It was agreed for a period of three years and aimed to encourage companies, governments, and citizens to meet as much of their mobility requirements as possible with shared cars, to replace ownership of a car. Furthermore, this agreement aims to reduce the number of parking spaces to create more surface area for nature, recreational spaces, and clean modes of transport.

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