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19 November 2019

Safe and sustainable: do the tyre check at Sphinx car park

On Saturday 23 November, the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation will supply extra air to the tyres of cars parked on the Sphinx car park, free of charge. This Loods 5 initiative is being embraced by a number of companies in the Sphinxkwartier district. This will be the last Right Tyre Pressure campaign day held by Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar in 2019. In 2019, 1,219 cars have been checked so far, representing a 16,255 kg reduction of CO2emissions.  

The Loods 5 campaign will increase this number further. Everyone who uses the smart tyre pump at P+R Noord to ensure their car tyres are at the right pressure will also contribute towards this year's CO2 reduction. With the correct tyre pressure you drive more safely, emit less CO2, and save money on fuel and tyre wear.

The Right Tyre Pressure campaign while you shop

If you park your car at Sphinx car park on Saturday 23 November between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, then you can let the Right Tyre Pressure campaign know that they can check your car tyres with a special card. If your tyres have low tyre pressure, they will be inflated to the correct tyre pressure. If you go shopping at Loods5, they will even provide a cup of coffee for you. Once you have finished shopping, you can drive home safely and in the knowledge that you are emitting less CO2 than you otherwise would have done.

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