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12 March 2020

Second-hand e-bikes for sale via Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar

Everyone who lives or works in Zuid-Limburg can try out a free e-bike for two weeks via Ontdek de E-bike. The trial e-bikes offered by Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar were replaced last year with new e-bikes. The old models were thoroughly checked and restored and are now for sale at CycleCenter in Valkenburg.

There are four models by the brands Batavus, Kalkhoff, Merida, and Giant, all of which were only used for three seasons. These second-hand e-bikes are available for a great price, which makes buying one even more attractive. For more information about the second-hand bicycles, visit the Cycle Center website.

Try before you buy

To find out if an e-bike is for you, reserve a free e-bike, high-speed bike, or electric cargo bike for a week via the website www.ontdekdeebike.nl.

To buy or not to buy

If you still have doubts about buying a second-hand e-bike, read this article by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) with tips for buying a second-hand e-bike.

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