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11 March 2019

Thank you to all winter cyclists!

During the past winter, we cycled many kilometres through snow, sunshine, rain, wind, and even more sunshine! The participants in the Cycling Maastricht, Heerlen, and Sittard-Geleen winter campaign braved all the elements. 118 cyclists from three cities answered our call to keep cycling throughout the winter in South Limburg. They cycled with either their own bicycles or e-bikes or were given an e-bike or high-speed e-bike to test for two weeks.

The whole of Maastricht kept peddling during November and December. Heerlen kept momentum going by cycling during December and January, and participants in Sittard-Geleen cycled throughout January and until 23 February. Everyone who answered our call to continue cycling could register on our website and stand the change of winning a fantastic prize.  

Trying an e-bike or high-speed e-bike for free

160 participants joined our campaign and used an e-bike or high-speed e-bike. The numbers per city were 56 in Maastricht, 42 in Heerlen, and 62 in Sittard-Geleen. They got to try our e-bikes or high-speed e-bikes for free during a two-week trial period. The stories and beautiful pictures submitted by all participants can be read on Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar’s website

One tree for each municipality

Cycling is not only enjoyable and healthy – it's good for the environment, too! By not using our cars, we can prevent the CO2 emissions that driving would have caused. In consultation with the three municipalities, we want to go even further! In each participating municipality, we will plant a tree or create another type of planted area in the spring. In this way, we will be removing extra CO2 from the atmosphere. In Maastricht, an extra-large tree will be planted near Noorderbrug bridge, where the cycle paths and footpaths diverge near Lage Frontweg. In Heerlen, several trees, bushes, and butterfly bushes are being placed in Ridderhoenpark’s butterfly garden. Together with the municipality of Sittard-Geleen, we are looking at where we can place an additional tree.  

Did you miss the campaign?

If you would still like to try an e-bike or high-speed e-bike as an alternative to the car, then we have good news for you. Our central distribution point in Maastricht gives you the opportunity to try out an e-bike for free for one week if you live or work in Maastricht. Currently, there are 39 e-bikes available, including some high-speed e-bikes. Book your e-bike or high-speed e-bike now via the website Ontdek de e-bike (Discover the e-bike) and continue cycling this spring!

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