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5 November 2020

The most beautiful e-bike cycling routes in South Limburg

With autumn truly here, it's still lovely to go out for a breath of fresh air. Exercise is good for our health, especially during these uncertain times in which we spend a lot of time at home and do not see as many people as we once did. Together with Visit Zuid-Limburg, we made a list of the best routes to explore with your e-bike. These routes are nice and long, ensuring you can optimally enjoy cycling on your e-bike. The starting points have been set so that they are close to home. So if the sun is shining through your window, then head on out and enjoy!

Heerlen heath route – 34 km

This cycling route will have you cruising through temperate coniferous forests past dazzling pools and meres as well as nearby heath fields, where sheep graze freely. The Heideroute (Heath route) starts and ends in the Brunssummerheide recreational area, at Schaapskooiweg 99 in Heerlen. There is plenty of space to park your car here.

Lap of Maastricht – 48.9 km

This fun, border-crossing cycling route starts in Maastricht's city centre. From there, you will cycle straight into the nature of the Rivierpark Maasvallei (Meuse valley river park), which offers a number of breath-taking sights for people who are used to living in a big city. Around the halfway point of the route, you could stop at Brouwerij de Fontein's idyllic location in Stein. The junction system ensures that you can easily find your way.

Valkenburg aan de Geul castle route – 49.2 km

This cycling route will take you through the unique hilly landscape. You can expect to see wayside crosses and chapels, charming villages with artisanal farms, the winding course of the Geul river, a variety of beautiful castles, and much more on this route. Don't let the steep inclines scare you off, because once you make it to the top you will find an unforgettable view. You can park at the route's starting point at Polfermolen (polfer mill) in Valkenburg.

The ‘Maurits and her grandchildren’ Sittard-Geleen – 46.9 km

This cycling route was created to honour the ‘Jaar van de Mijnen’ (year of the mines) in 2015, and it will take you past the most significant memories of mining in the Sittard-Geleen area. Other great attractions on your route include the old bastion Fort Sanderbout and the seven ‘voetvallen’ (chapels) on the enchanting Kollenberg hill in Sittard. This spectacular route begins on Markt square in Geleen. You can download the route on the Visit Zuid-Limburg website.

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