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14 August 2020

Tropical temperatures? South Limburg is the perfect getaway!

When the temperatures go up, what shall we do? Even when temperatures hit tropical levels, South Limburg has many things to offer. Visit Zuid-Limburg and Visit Maastricht gave us four tips to help cool you down when temperatures rise.

#1 - E-bike Safari Land van Kalk – Voerendaal, Simpelveld

Hop on an e-bike and enjoy the refreshing headwind or tailwind while taking in the fantastic views of the Land van Kalk. Together with a ranger, your cycling tour will take you past historic buildings made of Kunrade Chalk, as well as past eye-catching green fields, orchards, and vineyards.

#2 - Let the water guide you

Follow the water in South Limburg on a refreshing bicycle ride. The Meuse, the Geul, and many other waterways flowing are great cycling routes to follow through South Limburg. It's the perfect way to explore the lay of the land without too many uphill sections.

#3 - Route des Vins – Wahlwiller - Eys

In the early morning or late afternoon, walk from Wahlwiller to Eys and experience the first signposted wine route in the Netherlands. This route is your ticket to five vineyards with awe-inspiring views and many fun facts about wine. Park your car at the church car park, this is where the starting sign of the Route des Vins is located. Enjoy your walk!

#4 - Adventure in and on the water

If you are desperate to cool down, then head out to the Meuse for some adventures in, nearby, and on the water. The Grensmaas (border Meuse), situated in a beautiful nature reserve, is the section of the Meuse that forms the natural border between Belgian and Dutch Limburg. What better place for fantastic trips by kayak, canoe, or raft? If you would prefer going for a swim, then visit the Grensmaas beach for a fantastic experience in nature.

For more tips on visiting South Limburg in the agenda(only available in Dutch) on the Visit Zuid-Limburg website.

Vertrekplaats kajakken Grensmaasvallei Maastricht
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