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24 October 2019

Wanted: people switching to public transport or the e-bike instead of using the car

If you recently switched from commuting by car to commuting by public transport or e-bike, then we are looking for you!

That is because we are looking for enthusiastic people who switched and want to tell their story through a personal video portrait. We hope to use your experience to encourage others to make use of public transport or e-bike. If you made the switch with the help of your employer through one of our campaigns such as ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike) or ‘Ontdek het OV’ (Discover public transport), then we would love to hear you tell us all about it. Join in and share your experience, because every move counts towards reducing CO2 emissions!

How to make a video portrait

Sign up and we will evaluate your story with you to see if it is suitable for a video portrait. We work with an experienced film maker who will coordinate and schedule the recording day together with you. Please take into account the fact that the recording time will take up to half a day.

Share your own video

Afterwards, you can share the video on your own social media channels. We will post it on our website, link to it in our digital newsletter, and share it on our social media channels. Before recording the video, you must sign a document stating that you grant permission for the use of your video on our online channels.

If you would like to share your story of switching from using your car to public transport or e-bike, then let us know by sending an e-mail to magriet.satijn@maastricht-bereikbaar.nl.

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