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8 October 2020

Working from home? Remember to keep active!

Work from home, unless you have no other options. This measure has been implemented once again to more effectively slow the spread of coronavirus. By now, your workspace at home hopefully includes a good desk, chair, and screen. But remember to keep active!   

#1: Remember to go outside occasionally!

No matter whether you walked, cycled, commuted by train, or drove by car to get to work, you started your day with some fresh air and exercise. Remember to keep up this good habit and do some exercise. Now you can choose what best suits you, such as going for a walk or going cycling. You can also do this in the morning, in the afternoon, or at the end of your workday. Start up your step counter and head on out!

#2: Make sure to structure your day

You are probably already familiar with the technical side of online meetings. This means you don't need to spend time learning it and can instead use the time to structure your day. Each day, or each week, you can start by calling your colleagues and your manager. By discussing who does what, you create structure and efficiency while setting more clear-cut working times. Make sure you do some exercises throughout the day, because this is good for your body and good for your concentration.  

#3: Only hold meetings in small groups

Holding meetings with a group of colleagues in the office is now the exception rather than the rule. However, you can still meet with an individual colleague to get something to eat or walk around the park during a break. Such limited social activities are even encouraged. You can also call someone, just to catch up. Sending a spontaneous e-mail to compliment someone or share a joke doesn't take long, but is a great way to make someone smile.

#4: Find your own rhythm

Do you sometimes have inspired ideas when you're not sitting at your desk? Well, now is the time to find your own rhythm. For example, work quickly and effectively in the morning, then go for a walk in the afternoon, and work on some of those initial ideas in the evening. Consider doing some sports in the morning and then working in two-hour intervals with sufficient break time in-between. You may discover a rhythm that works much better for both you and your employer.

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