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How do you get around?

Healthy, cheap, or green alternatives

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Travel by bicycle, e-bike, public transport, or P+R location is healthy, good for the environment, and relieves traffic pressure on the roads. Consider driving less. Every move counts! The campaigns marked with an asterisk are only open to employees of employers who are affiliated with Zuid Limburg Bereikbaar. Join in and experience it for yourself!
Only for employees of affiliated partners
Working from home

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar (ZLB) has been encouraging people to work from home for years. As of 13 March, many of us have been working from home. The tips we share below will help employees make their way around.

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Elektrische Auto Nissan Leaf
Electric driving

If you are considering switching to an electric vehicle, then make sure to try an electric car at a discount rate first or make use of our purchase and user tips.

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Discover the e-bike

At a local bicycle dealer you can test an e-bike.

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Marla Janssen Sittard Geleen Fietst New
Purchase a bicycle/e-bike

If we've managed to convince you to make the switch to a bicycle, speed bike, or e-bike then you'd probably like to do that as cheaply as possible. We have put together the various options for you.

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Afbeelding Licht Aan Op De Fiets In Het Donker
Switch on your bicycle lights

Do you cycle in the dark? Then you are vulnerable to accidents. Make sure you are clearly visible, or LIGHT ON in the dark.

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Deelfiets Arriva Maastricht Studenten
Shared bikes

Discover how easy it is to travel the last mile to your work with the Arriva shared bikes or OV-fiets.

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Staying safe in your car and driving economically

Have you embraced the new way of driving? This means using the right tyres, keeping your tyres at the right pressure, and driving more economically.

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Aronnijsfotogr Mb Carpoolgema 001
Car sharing and Carpooling

Owning your own car is convenient, but it's also expensive and harmful to the environment. Have you ever considered sharing a car

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P+R-locations Limburg

Park your car on the outskirts of town and then take the train, bus, or shared bicycle the rest of the way.

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NS Trein Marjolein Gravendeel
For partners only
Discover public transport

Travel to work for free with public transp. for up to eight weeks and park at the railway station for free or borrow a folding bike.

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Logo Vierkant Kies De Fiets New
Choose the bike

Do you live or work in the South of Limburg and do you want to cycle more often? Join "Kies de Fiets" (Choose the Bike), a national initiative that we support with rewards for ambitious cyclists.

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Openbaar Vervoer Trein
Traveller’s panel

Do you enjoy sharing your opinion about mobility?

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