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Car sharing is

cheaper and better for the environment

Car sharing

Owning your own car is convenient, but it's also expensive and harmful to the environment. Have you ever considered sharing a car with other people who, like you, don't drive every day? It's cheaper and better for the environment.


Be as efficient as possible. With car sharing, different people use the same car at different times. The premise is that you use a car that isn't yours for a specific trip, after which someone else uses it. You can also share your own car or a private lease car with others on a car-sharing platform, whereby you rent it out when you're not using it. 

Types of car sharing

We've outlined the different types of car sharing below: 

Type How does it work?
Traditional car sharing (round-trip car sharing) In this type of car sharing, the car is returned to the same location after use. The car is rented for a round trip.
One-way car sharing In this type of car sharing, you do not have to return the car to the pick-up location. In one-way car sharing, the car does not have a fixed location, which means it can be parked at any public car park in a specific zone. This is also known as free-floating.
Free-floating round trip In this form of car sharing, the cars do not have a designated parking spot, but can be found in a specific neighbourhood or street.
Car-sharing platforms You can use a car-sharing platform to rent out your own car to others, who pay per use. There are also various local initiatives in which groups of private individuals share one or more cars. This usually concerns a fixed group of users who share the costs. 
Corporate car sharing

There are several car-sharing options for business use. These include:

  • sharing a company car or lease car with colleagues for corporate use 
  • sharing a car with other employers
  • renting out your lease car to other people on a car-sharing platform
  • using a company-owned pool car for business trips or private use in the evenings and weekends

Is car sharing for you?

Car sharing is useful if you don't own a second car but occasionally need one. If you are thinking about purchasing a second car or if you own a second car but rarely use it, you may want to consider car sharing!

Is car sharing for you as an employer?

If you want to discourage your employees from using their private cars for business purposes, car sharing may be a good solution. Electric car sharing may also be a good solution if you plan on transitioning to an electric fleet.

Advantages of car sharing 

  • Car sharing is flexible as you only use the car when you need it. 
  • Car sharing is a deliberate choice and careful planning allows you to travel whenever you want. You choose the car that suits your trip. For example: choose a large car for a holiday or when moving house.
  • Car sharing saves money. Owning your own car can be expensive in terms of both fixed and variable costs (amortization, taxes, insurance, parking permit, parking costs, inspections, repairs, etc.). Sharing a car can save you money, especially if you only use your car occasionally. 
  • Car sharing is green and social. According to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)car sharing results in a 30% reduction in the number of cars on the road and an 18% reduction in the number of kilometres driven. This means less pressure on public spaces and parking facilities. 

Car-sharing providers

If you're considering sharing your car or using another car-sharing option, research the available providers to determine the best option for you.

  • Car sharing for private individuals
    There are several car-sharing initiatives in Limburg for private individuals: Greenwheels MyWheelsSnappCarCareCar, and ConnectCar.
    At ritjeweg.nl, you can enter your postcode to see the location of shared cars offered by various providers.
  • Car sharing for corporate use
    Wisselwagen Arval, Alphacity, Audi Shared Fleet, Business Lease, Car2Use(Athlon), D2Go, eCarshare, Kyoto Lease, Mobility Mixx, Multilease, Poolverhuur, SammSamm, goodmoovs.netAmber MobilityGreenwheels Company CarsStapp.in, and WeGo.

Prefer your own car?

If car sharing isn't for you and you prefer to drive your own car, consider carpooling to work with colleagues who live nearby. Or become a more economical driver by adopting the new way of driving.Make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure , as this is better for the environment, or choose an electric car or hybrid car.

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