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Get a move on

People who exercise for at least 150 minutes per week are more likely to feel fitter, have a lower BMI, and recover from illness more quickly. If you currently drive to work but start cycling instead, this will mean you exercise much more. Of people who cycle to work, over 80% meet the target of 150 minutes of exercise per week. But there are plenty of other reasons to get on your bike. Subscribe now and you could win an exciting prize! You might get to cycle to work every day on a brand-new e-bike! Rather not wait? Check out the great opportunities available to buy or lease at Ontdek de e-bike

Why is it better by bike? 

  • Easy way to exercise 
  • No getting stressed out in traffic jams
  • Enjoy the fresh air
  • No fuel or parking costs 
  • Save CO2 and set a good example!

I choose the bike

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Do you work at Beatrixhaven?

On 5 March, Gert-Jan Krabbendam will be giving out the first bikes to people who will be cycling to work for two weeks. We will bring the e-bikes and high-speed e-bikes to Beatrixhaven and then pick them up again later, giving you the chance to discover which e-bike is right for you. 

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