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Give your tires some air

Give your tyres some air

Driving on insufficiently-inflated tyres makes driving more unsafe, consumes more fuel, makes more noise, and damages the environment. This is reason enough to give your tyres some extra air. By ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure: 

  • you can save money, up to €100 per year. 
  • you drive more safely. 
  • your car emits less CO2, thus improving air quality. 

Correct Tyre Pressure campaign

We are jumping into action together with the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation and other partners in South Limburg for more environmentally-friendly car use. At various locations, car tyres will be given a little extra air. You can then drive home safe in the knowledge that you have the correct tyre pressure. This saves on fuel and reduces your car's CO2emission, giving you a good feeling for doing the right thing! 

Who can make use of this campaign? 

Drivers can indicate on the campaign days whether they want to make use of the ‘band op spanning’ (correct tyre pressure) promotional offer, or they can use the smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord any time of day or night.  Taking part is easy: simply place the flyer that you receive as you enter the car park in a visible spot on the dashboard of your car. When you return to your car after work or visit, your tyres will be at the correct pressure. Please note: some campaigns are open to the public while others are exclusively for employees of the relevant organizations. 

Where can I find out what the correct tyre pressure for my car is?

The recommended tyre pressure for your car can be found:

  1. In the instruction manual of the car.
  2. On the inside of the fuel cap.
  3. On a sticker in the door frame on the driver's side, on the back of the sun visor, or in the glove compartment.

More information about the correct tyre pressure can be found on the website of the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation, which promotes good tyre pressure for environmentally friendly and economic driving.


You can find the team on location on the follow dates:

More dates will be added, so keep an eye on this website.

In 2018, the Band op Spanning team assisted employers eight times and visitors three times at P+R Maastricht Noord. A total of 639 cars have been checked, saving 4,254 litres of fuel and 10,889 kg CO2.

In 2019, the team assisted employers seven times. A total of 1,219 cars have been checked, saving 4,254 litres of fuel and 16,255 kilograms of CO2.

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