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Show your inner hero

Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Whenever you go somewhere, you're faced with the choice: should I make my journey smarter, safer, and more sustainable today? Heroes always win out in the end, so you have a chance of winning great prizes. The first prize is a fantastic e-bike.

Plot your own course

Use the personalized travel advice on our websites and discover whether travelling by e-bike, an e-car, or public transport could work for. You could also consider using two or more of the options offered, such as parking your car at a P+R location and continuing your journey by bus or bicycle. You are in control!

How to take part

Take a heroic selfie or video of you on your smarter, safer, or more sustainable journey. You can also let us know about your heroic act in more creative ways. Send us your contribution by using the registration form at the bottom of this page, and stand a chance of winning some prizes. As an extra, why not post your heroic selfie on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram?

Remember to tag @/#ZLB or to use the @/#heldvandedag or @/#herooftheday hashtag. If you perform another heroic act, feel free to fill in the form again! You can enter up to three times for these prizes.


The prizes you could win

• The first prize is an e-bike worth €2,500 from one of our affiliated bicycles dealers.
• The runner-up prize is a weekend getaway for two including two overnight stays with two train tickets worth up to €35.
• The third prize is the opportunity to trial an e-car from our trial fleet for two weeks during the summer – we'll cover the personal contribution and excess.

Who will win?

You can enter the prize draw until 11 May. After 11 May, the jury will assess all entries and will select the most inspiring heroic acts. The nominees will be announced on 14 May. Friends, acquaintances, and other people will then decide, as each will be given one vote to allocate the prizes. Voting will close on 26 May. We will then announce the winners on Thursday 28 May.

Which things will the jury focus on?

Our jury rates the selfies based on three criteria.

1. Safety first: Only selfies that show that all participants in the photo are safe will be considered for prizes.
2. Different ways to be smart: the jury will award points based on originality, the example set, and the diversity in the methods of transport used.
3. The following topics are important for sustainability: reducing the use of fossil fuel, efforts to preserve the environment, and the effects on others.

If you weren't nominated...

Don't worry! During the awards ceremony, we'll also hand out a number of small prizes for people who made it easy to travel in a smarter, safer, or more sustainable way.

Make the move and show your inner hero.

Held Van De Dag Elektrische Bakfiets 01
Held Van De Dag Elektrische Bakfiets 01
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