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Join the new driving movement

Become a safer, more fuel-efficient, and more environmentally friendly driver

Mindful driving

The new way of driving is a safer, more relaxed, and more fuel-efficient way to drive. Becoming a more mindful and more responsive driver can save up to 10% on fuel costs and decrease the wear on your tyres.

Good for the environment

The new way of driving produces less CO2, which is better for the environment.

The right tyres and tyre pressure

Choosing the right tyres and maintaining the right tyre pressure is an important part of the new way of driving. This, paired with a mindful driving style, can have huge benefits for the environment.

Driving tips

Join the new driving movement and apply the tips below:

  • A cold engine uses twice as much fuel as a warm one, and revving a cold engine is bad for your car. To save fuel, drive at low RPM until the engine has warmed up.
  • Activate cruise control to accelerate gradually and to maintain a fixed speed. 
  • Use a navigation system to reach your destination as efficiently as possible and to avoid driving unnecessary kilometres.
  • For an overview of all fifteen tips, visit hetnieuwerijden.nl and test your driving efficiency by completing the questionnaire on the Milieu Centraal website.
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