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Bicycle lights on

Having working lights on your bicycle is important because the days are getting shorter and darker. As a cyclist, you are vulnerable in traffic, especially if you're not easy to see. The 'ON in the dark' (AAN in het donker) campaign of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management makes you aware of the importance of having working lights on your bicycle.

If you cycle often, you know that good light is important. Yet, many people still cycle without any lights on their bicycles. The reasons for this may vary:

  • they forgot to turn on the lights;
  • the batteries of the lights are empty;
  • the lights are broken;
  • the lights were stolen.

More accidents

Cycling without lights carries risks. The number of accidents involving cyclists increases considerably in the dark. So, make sure your light is ON in the dark!

Rules and fines

As a cyclist, you should have a headlight and rear light on in the dark and during the day when visibility is poor. You can also use loose lights for this. The bicycle must also have reflectors on the back, the pedals, and on the wheels (rims) or tyres. The fine for cycling without lights is €55.

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar helps: Bicycle lights and mobile bicycle mechanic

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar regularly helps cyclists to be clearly visible in these dark days. We work together with mobile bicycle mechanics at various locations in South Limburg to attach or repair the fixed lights so that you can cycle safely with durable lights. We also distribute bicycle lights to cyclists whose bicycles are missing fixed lights. 

Keep an eye on our website for the latest offers and campaigns. But if these are still a little way off, simply repair the lights on your bicycle in the meantime or ask a friend or bicycle mechanic to do it for you. If that doesn't work, walk into a shop and buy two loose lights. 

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