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How do you travel?

We offer you alternatives to try

Plan your journey

Use our travel advice to plan your journeys. It instantly shows you how to make your journey quicker and cheaper, as well as which travel alternatives best suit you. Cycle to get fit or take public transport and relax.

Even if you choose to travel by car, you can still make a conscious choice. For example, park on the outskirts of the city and use a foldable or shared bicycle to travel the final kilometres. You can also ensure your car has the correct tyre pressure, so that you can drive more safely and more efficiently.

Why consider using the car less often?

For more exercise: it benefits your health

Research shows that using the car less has health benefits for most people. It's easy to meet the target number of minutes of exercise per week if you commute by bus or train or if you cycle by regular bike, e-bike, or high-speed e-bike. Being able to meet your daily exercise requirements just by commuting is a great reason to consider alternatives to travelling by car! View our campaigns now!

It's cheaper: save money

A car costs between 17 and 26 euro cents per kilometre driven. That excludes the fixed costs of cars that according to the Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information, only available in Dutch) amount to at least €163 per month for even the smallest cars. On top of that comes the costs for petrol, damage, maintenance, and parking costs.

If you opt to switch entirely to the bicycle, you can save up to €300 per month. Using public transport instead of your car can also save you a significant amount.
Also with public transport you can often be a lot cheaper, compare the costs for a subscription with that of your car.

Tip: Your employer can still pay you the same nineteen cents per kilometre of commuting distance if you’re commuting by bike. Employees who travel by public transport can often receive compensation or tax benefits.

It is greener: Reduce your CO2 emissions

We all want to live in a safe, healthy environment with clean air to breathe. Everyone can do their part to make this reality. If we would all opt for the bicycle or public transport instead of the car every once in a while, our environment would benefit. Enter now! Any contributions you make for the environment serve as an example to others.

Openbaar Vervoer Vouwfiets Trein

Public transport is a great way to find time to deal with some e-mails, read the news, or just relax. Travel for free with public transport for up to eight weeks with free parking at the railway station or a folding bike to travel the final kilometres.

Ov en fiets Maakdebeweging

Cycling is an emission-free way of getting from A to B. It also means you get to appreciate more of the environment you're helping to protect. Anyone who lives or works in South Limburg can try for free an e-bike, speed bike, or electric cargo bike.

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